This option is not available at this time. 

This option is not available at this time.

On the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission ( you will find public information that includes companies and people with advisory roles.


You can grant access to a person you trust, so they can enter and consult your account at Interactive Brokers. The new access is configurable and you will be able to define the functionalities that your family member or friend will have available, including viewing positions, downloading statements and forms, among others

Investing in securities that are listed on stock markets always lead to fluctuations in value, the market prices of their securities are updated daily and, depending on the relative strength of supply and demand, they could see their value increase or decrease.

Davivienda Advisors uses diversification techniques that reduce the possibility of a complete and permanent loss of the invested capital. However, sometimes prices may reflect situations of extreme oversupply, which could lead to significant losses in value which, in turn, could become permanent if it were decided to completely liquidate the investment at that time.

No, your new investment account at Davivienda Advisor could receive or send  resources to the bank you use to convert your local currency into dollars and  vice versa. 
However, having a bank account in the United States can be very useful  because you can keep the US currency for consumption or other uses.

If you are a tax resident of the United States of America and it is not a qualified retirement account, you must report and pay income and capital gains taxes at the applicable rates. Other taxes may apply from the jurisdictions where your investments are located.

Although we use structures considered efficient, the laws of each country have different tax treatments. Since tax laws and procedures are often complex and changing, we recommend that you consult with a tax expert before making your investments.

Note: We recommend speaking with your accountant or tax advisor before making this investment.



We do not have a physical office directly operated by us in Colombia, but we have the authorization of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia to promote our products through Corredores Davivienda S.A and soon Banco Davivienda. Additionally, any questions or queries can be made directly to our email or through one of our representatives in the subsidiaries.

No. A free and simple search tool to research us and our financial professionals can be found at

Davivienda Advisors does not offer credit or debit cards. For this we suggest going to our affiliated banks.

This option is not available at this time.

Two types of financial firms that you might be considering are investment advisers and broker-dealers. Davivienda is an investment adviser. Please see below for some differences between the two. As an investment adviser, we are held to a fiduciary standard that covers our investment advisory relationship with you. A fiduciary has both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty to its clients.


  • The duty of care requires us to place your best interests ahead of our own, at all times. We are also required to monitor your portfolio, investment strategy, and investments throughout the duration of our advisory relationship with you.
  • Under the duty of loyalty, we must avoid conflicts of interest or tell you about them in a way that you can understand, so that you can decide whether to agree to them.


Broker-dealers must act in your best interest and not place their interest ahead of yours when they recommend you an investment or investment strategy involving securities. Broker-dealers are not fiduciaries and are not required to monitor your portfolio or investments on an ongoing basis.


If you gave us $10,000 dollars to invest in our wrap fee program, we would invest the full $10,000 for you. We would charge our annual advisory services fee as specified in our ADV Part 2 Wrap brochure based on the daily average balance of assets in your account. With regards to the non digital advisor, please talk to your financial professional.

We have several ways for you to check the status of your investments. The creation of an account is necessary to securely access our web or mobile applications, where you will find all the information of the status of your account.

In the case of not having access to the web or mobile application, you can contact us through our email account: so that, after an authentication process, one of our support agents can provide the information required.

Note: You also have the Interactive Brokers portal or mobile app to view your account statements.


Unfortunately, from your investment account at Interactive Brokers you will only be able to send funds or securities to accounts in your name.

To achieve your objective, you must do so later from an account that allows this type of transaction with third parties.


To update your personal data, you can contact our support team at

All of our portfolios seek to closely track or even outperform their benchmark indices. Reference indices are mathematical models that replicate the behavior of a fictitious portfolio that represents a segment of the capital market. The Dow Jones Industrial or Standard and Poor's 500 indices are two examples of benchmark indices that represent parts of the United States stock market. The reference indices, being simplified models, do not incur costs or expenses and therefore are not fully comparable with real portfolios. The performance of the portfolio and that of its reference index is published periodically.

Note: Remember that you will always have access to personalized performance reports, including the effect of inflows or outflows, allowing you to judge if the objectives are being achieved.

Our platforms are very intuitive and include help buttons, however, if at any time you need help, you can contact our support team at

Your information is very important to us and we handle it con dentially and  securely using up-to-date protection and security protocols and systems. In  order to provide you with the contracted services, Davivienda Advisors shares  your information with some of its a liates and with our allies BCP Global and  Interactive Brokers who, in turn, may need to share it with third parties in  accordance with their own information exchange policies to which you have  access. 

Our goal is for natural persons to have their accounts open and functional in two or three business days.

Company accounts or other legal entities may take longer due to the complexity of the information to be reviewe.

We work hard to minimize any conflicts of interest. First and foremost, it’s important to know that we are a fiduciary, which means we are legally required to always act in your best interest in our client relationship with you.

With that in mind, our business model has incentives that can create conflicts of interest. We are paid based on assets under management and have a financial incentive to recommend you increase the value of your accounts.

We also require that you appoint Interactive Brokers as the broker-dealer for your account to perform transaction and custody services for the digital advisor. Other broker-dealers provide different services and have different capabilities, which you should consider when deciding whether to become a Davivienda client.

When you sign-up for a digital advisor Davivienda account, we ask you a series of questions about yourself, including information about your financial goals. From these responses, the automated algorithm will choose a portfolio based on the answers you provide.

Our Davivienda portfolio strategy is goal-specific, built of low-cost exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), designed to provide exposure to a diversified set of global assets, and seeks to maximize expected returns while taking into account your risk level. With regards to the non-digital advisor, other options will be discussed with your financial professional.

If you are an investor residing in the United States of America, the transfer of assets is easy. If you named beneficiaries on your account, the transfer would be executed upon notifying Interactive Brokers of the death of the account holder(s).

If there are no named beneficiaries, the transfer will be made after completing a probate process or probate document.


To protect your investment, it is advisable to share the ownership of your account with someone close to you or someone you trust extremely and under a property scheme "with rights of survivorship". Under this scheme, either of the two could make investment or divestment decisions, withdraw assets, etc. and the survivor would assume full control over the investments in the event of his death.

An additional layer of protection would include appointing attorneys to make decisions in the event that the owner or owners are unable to do so due to being absent or disabled.

Finally, and in certain cases, it is a good idea to name beneficiaries or invest through ownership structures that include them as companies or trusts.


Davivienda Advisors is headquartered at 1110 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900B,  Miami, Florida 33131 where we will assist you so that you have the best  experience in starting your investments in the United States of America.

The securities represented in the portfolios that we offer may offer returns associated with various factors, for example: the valuation at the time of purchase and sale, the assumed risks, expectations regarding the future performance of the economy and issuers, distributions received, the relative liquidity of the investments, the tax treatment, as well as the costs of managing, executing and custodying the investments. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no guarantee that the expected returns will be obtained and there may even be capital losses.  

The W-8 and W-9 forms have the function of establishing the tax responsibilities of the account holders. The W-8 form is used for account holders without tax residence in the United States of America and the W-9 form is used for account holders with tax residence in the United States of America.

Davivienda Advisors puts di erent service channels at your disposal. Our  website includes updated and relevant  information about products and services, as well as legal and regulatory  information. If you are already a customer, you will have direct access to your  account, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through our web and mobile  applications. Additionally, you can contact us through our email account:

Monitoring is done as follows:

1. BlackRock provides their recommendations for components and their weights within each portfolio. They are continually monitoring the markets, expectations, and available funds.

2. BCP Global implements the portfolios provided by BlackRock and maintains the accounts in the recommended distribution.

3. Davivienda Advisors supervises that its portfolios remain invested as established and monitors that the performance is in accordance with the investment profile and expectations.

You will receive the following periodic reports:

  • Non-personalized: monthly market bulletin, monthly performance report, and rebalancing reports.
  • Personalized: account statements, confirmations, and performance reports through the web and mobile applications 


Clients are recommended to try to keep a prudent amount of cash in products such as checking accounts, savings accounts or certificates of deposit that serve to cover emergencies, thus avoiding having to sell and recognize losses. The assets in which we invest in our portfolios are generally easy to sell and convert for cash, and you may do so when you choose. A simple rule of thumb recommends keeping an amount in cash equivalents that covers three to six months of fixed expenses

As soon as you open your account at Interactive Brokers, you must send a signed letter with the instructions to so that all communications are in electronic format. These instructions may take a few days to execute and some communications may be sent by physical mail

To add or remove a co-owner, you must send us the documentation that we usually require, accompanied by the appropriate proofs, and go through the account opening process again.

Most of our financial advice is automated, and our digital offering and financial tools are developed and overseen by investment advisory personnel that include investment professionals, and traders. With regards to the non digital offering, the advice is provided by your assigned financial professional who has passed the requisite testing that allows them to be licensed to provide investment advice.

Because of our license as an Internet Advisor, members of our Customer Support Team are available to assist with questions about how Davivienda (platform) works or to help with your account but please be aware that they are not able to give advice onadvisory services.

While investing, you are exposed to multiple risks that are common to the shareholders or creditors of any company or entity. For an exhaustive description of all the risks we suggest reviewing our Form ADV, part 2A Section 6.

Our portfolios will be rebalanced every time there is an addition or withdrawal of assets, when market movements cause the portfolio to stray too far from its target distribution, and at the time BlackRock recommends us to do so. BlackRock may make change recommendations once a year if you selected Long Horizon portfolios, or four to six times a year if you selected Target Allocation portfolios.

Trying to guess the best time to enter the markets has proven to be a difficult task, you can start investing at any time but starting now will allow you to take advantage of the effects of possible gains year after year in the case of long-term investments. For short-term investments it is advisable to aim for less volatile portfolios.

BCP Global is our sub-advisor, hired for the purpose of implementing and managing BlackRock's investment portfolios, as well as providing its onboarding and account management platform. Davivienda Advisors compensates BCP Global for its services. You will have a contractual relationship with BCP Global just like with us.

BlackRock is a large-scale, global asset manager that selects portfolio components, recommends exposure by component, and monitors portfolio performance. Clients compensate BlackRock by investing in funds sponsored and managed by its subsidiaries.

Grupo Bolívar is a business group with a multi-Latin approach that has more than 70 years of existence, made up of companies from various sectors: financial sector, insurance sector, construction sector, among others, enjoying the highest level of market recognition for its strength, tradition and strict adherence to the laws and regulations that apply to them.

Our companies identify themselves as creative, flexible and innovative, taking advantage of the synergies between them, with the purpose of enhancing their performance and optimizing the results of the whole, focused on generating economic, social and environmental value with a positive impact on its stakeholders.

Bolivar Group S.A. is a company that is dedicated to the investment of its own funds in the formation, administration and management of a proprietary portfolio, made up of shares, social quotas and participations in national or foreign companies; participations or investment titles, bonds issued by public or private entities, and other publicly traded securities representing credit or equity participation, certificates or other debt documents; trademarks and other forms of industrial property.

Interactive Brokers is a financial intermediary (broker-dealer) that we use to gain access to the markets and as a custodian of the advisory accounts. Interactive Brokers also performs tasks of calculating and collecting commissions for our services. You will have a contractual relationship with Interactive Brokers.

The digital advisor of Davivienda is set up a little differently from other investment advisers. Because we provide investment advice primarily over the internet, your primary way of interacting with us as your investment adviser will be through our website or app. If you have questions about how Davivienda works or are concerned about your account, you should contact our Customer Support Team. Members of our Customer Support Team are not investment adviser representatives and are not allowed to give financial advice. With regards to the non-digital, please contact your financial professional with any questions.


OFR is the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation and the state body in charge of supervising Davivienda Advisors.

SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America and the federal government body in charge of supervising Davivienda Advisors, BCP Global and Interactive Brokers.

SIPC is the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, a non-profit company, established by financial intermediaries with the intention of universally and jointly covering the clients of broker-dealers who have stopped operating due to bankruptcy or bankruptcy. The SIPC does not cover value losses, but rather the integrity of securities holdings.

Our biometric process seeks to digitally validate your identity by performing various tests on your identification document and face. Our system includes technological capabilities and access to information sources that allow validating both the legitimacy of the person requesting the account opening and the validity of the personal identification that is being provided.


The United States of America has strengthened measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. Laws require the financial system to remain vigilant and do due diligence on any person or entity. For this reason, we are under the obligation to fully identify customers, fully understand the risk they could represent, and monitor the use they make of their accounts.

Since the objective is to maximize return potential over the investment  horizon, the portfolios for non-US persons use funds with accumulative share  classes so there are no distributions. 
For clients with tax residence in the United States of America, ETFs are used  that can distribute dividends and capital gains.